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Understanding Meditation: Make Meditation Your Daily Habit

Are you a busy individual who struggles to make meditation a habit? In this 2 hours workshop, you will discover exactly what to do in order to integrate meditation into your daily routine, and how to overcome the most common obstacles that keep you away from this powerful and beneficial practice.
Have you ever felt busy or inappropriate to create a meditation routine but create one that sticks? Are you a busy young individual trying to find the ability to think faster, be more productive and get the success you want?
Now, imagine for a minute, if you can start feeling stress free, calm, energetic, emphatic and able to process multiple pieces of information at the same time, how would it be?  Wouldn’t it be great knowing exactly how to maintain that feeling?
With a constant meditation practice all of this would be possible. Indeed, busy individual meditation is the key to their success.
With this workshop, I want to walk you through 6 easy points that will help you to create the perfect habit for daily meditation practice that fits into your busy world without the feeling of overwhelm.

Here's exactly what you'll discover when you enrol today:

  1. What is Meditation
  2. Benefits of Meditation
  3. Dangers of Meditation
  4. How to Get Rid of the Most Common Meditation Myths
  5. Overcome The Six Challenges in Meditation
  6. Meditation and Emotions

Plus These Amazing Bonuses

  • EXCLUSIVE Access to Dhyana Facebook Community 
  • Dhyana Guided Meditation Bundle
  • 30 Days Meditation Challenge Worksheet
  • Guided Meditation Practice During the Workshop
Upcoming Workshop Dates:
November 11 – 6pm CET

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