1:1 Coaching

A personalised coaching to help you to start living your ordinary life in an extraordinary way

For those who want to establish greater awareness, happiness and balance

This private journey is designed for everyone, including couples, who wish to flourish and succeed in every aspect of life.

Perhaps you are currently feeling unhappy, stressed, or living an unhealthy life?

Perhaps exhaustion is draining away from your life and energy due to personal and/or professional reasons?

Perhaps you are lacking in focus and creativity?

Perhaps you are giving up a hobby or part of your social life so that you can focus on your work?

Perhaps you want to finally elevate yourself and change your life for the better?

Then, this programme might be right for you! Are your ready for a remarkable change?

As your personal coach, I will use my expertise and knowledge in mindfulness meditation and positive psychology to guide you through a journey of personal growth, balance and happiness.

Over 1 or 2 months working together, we will:

Develop an action plan to get you where you wish to get

Learn how to strengthen your mindset

Learn how to strengthen your professional and personal relationships

Learn how to strengthen your healthy habits, creativity and focus

Learn how to blast your self-limiting beliefs

Start writing your own success to become the best version of you

Practice & Unwind

This packege includes:
4 Private 60-minute live sessions
Tailored practical sessions
WhatsApp support
15% Renewal discount
15 Days Money Back Guarantee

Learn & Grow

This package includes:
4 Private 60-minute live sessions
Personalised journey
Meditation practice
Active and educational conversations
Weekly worksheets released
WhatsApp support
Emails follow up
15% Renewal discount
£ 380
15 Days Money Back Guarantee

If you are ready to become more balanced, focused, calm and happy, then let's chat!