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  • 3 Free guided meditations to listen at different times of the day
  • Each meditation lasts 5 minutes so that you can easily fit them into the most demanding moments
  • Ideal to listen in the morning after getting up, during lunch breaks and before bed

Start your journey towards the simplest,
the most powerful, and the most beneficial meditation.

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Dhyana Digital Courses

Chiara was struggling with stress. She wanted to learn more about mindfulness meditation, and how to build habits that would help her to improve her well-being.

Hi friend, I’m Olinda, your mindfulness and mindset coach. 

People often ask me how I got a life full of freedom. The secret is that I made several decisions. I decided to no longer live a hectic life, I am no longer surrounded by toxic relationships, I am no longer doing a job that I don’t like, I no longer let stress and anxiety influence my life. Instead, I decided to live a positive and meaningful life, to surround myself with people whose values are aligned with mine, to do a job that I love, and to find calm and peace whenever stressful situations arise.

Learn how to meditate at your own pace and practice meditation in the comfort of your home

Give yourself the chance to become the best version of yourself with Dhyana 1:1 coaching programme

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Dhyana is a place where you can find happiness and fulfilment in life, and the tools to do so through meditation


Join a global community of like-minded individuals on the path to greater peace, clarity and wisdom


The answer is YES! If you are a beginner and you wish to enhance your focus, productivity and sleep while decreasing stress and anxiety, then you are in the right place. 


Meditation can give you a sense of calm, peace and balance in your life. With a daily and consistent practice you reap the benefits of such powerful practice in the long run. 
Thursday meditation classes are designed for those who  wish to meditate in a group every week. Each meditation class starts with a meditation practice and ends with a sharing circle. On the contrary, Dhyana Well-being 1:1 Coaching Programme is for everyone who wishes to work privately with our mindfulness meditation coach Olinda. During this programme you will learn about mindfulness meditation and positive psychology theoretical frameworks. Furthermore, every week you will receive customised worksheets and guided meditation tracks
Dhyana digital courses are pre-recorded formative programmes that you can follow through an online platform from the comfort of your home and at your own pace. Once you purchase a digital course from our website you will get instant lifetime access. This allows you to watch all the content of the course as often as you like. On the contrary, Dhyana 1:1 coaching programme is live,  private and customised according to your needs.
Any age is best to start meditation. However, for children under 10 years it is more effective to let them start with gentle body movements followed by a gentle focus on the movement itself. If you wish to start a journey of meditation with your kids send an email to

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