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Coaching and trainings for ambitious entrepreneurs who want to establish greater awareness, happiness and optimism.

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It's time to start your mental gym!

Are you often experiencing burnout, stress or anxiety symptoms?

Do you often experience lack of focus, confidence and creativity?
Do you often doubt your abilities or question your achievements? Do you often have an intense fear of making mistakes or failing in your work or personal lives?

Do you strive for perfection in everything you do? And this constant need for perfection does it often lead to excessive stress and burnout?

Are you ready to learn how to prioritise your well-being applying different useful and powerful techniques? If you answered yes to at least one of the above questions, then you are in the right place!

Namaste! I'm Olinda, your Mindfulness and Positive Psychology Coach

I started to be a meditation practitioner and to get close to Buddhist principles in 2019. Before that, I was struggling with my self-talk, which was very negative.
I used to magnify the negative aspects and filter out all the positive ones, to blame others rather than being responsible for my own thoughts, feelings and actions. I also used to take everything personally, making a big deal out of minor problems. This attitude, this negative outlook led me to often struggle with uncomfortable feelings and disorders such as, sadness, anger, anxiety, depression and insomnia.

Today I help ambitious people live an optimistic and mindful life

Work with me


1:1 Wellbeing Coaching Programme

A personalised journey for those who
 want to establish greater awareness,
 happiness and balance.
I will guide you to start living your
 ordinary life in an extraordinary way


1:1 Meditation and
Yoga Sessions

My 60-minute individual sessions
 will be tailored according to your needs.
 The main aim of these sessions
 is to guide you towards
 relaxation, balance and clarity


Mindfulness Dhyana Academy

The first online academy for those who
wants to learn how to use mindfulness
 in their daily life in order to enhance their
 mental, physical and emotional well-being


Let's collaborate!

Transform the life of many people with me
 through the organisation of both
online and in person workshops,
retreats, masterclasses and live chats!

What my students say about their journey with me...

Are you ready to discover your inner self and to live a life you always wanted to live?

I invite you to a complimentary consultation to hear about why you are considering working with me
 and talk about what you would love to achieve if we were working together.


Every Monday you will get an email with some positive nuggets of inspirations, some suggested books to read, podcasts to listen to, and mindfulness exercises that you can do daily.