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    “This meditation bundle is the perfect way to unwind wherever you are.''

    Olinda Suergiu

    Founder of Dhyana Centre

    What you will get:

    ✔ A 5-minute guided morning meditation to start your day with an intention. This track will help you to centre yourself and to face the day with a positive attitude.

    ✔ A 5-minute guided afternoon meditation designed to help you find your inner peace amidst chaos. Whether you are at home or at work, you can access this powerful meditation to look after your mind and your emotions.

    ✔ A 5-minute guided evening meditation designed to help ease you into a night of restful sleep. This guided experience offers you a natural and soft sleep, allowing you to let go of any worry of the day.

    Why SHOULD YOU downloaD this meditation meditation bundle?

    ✔ It's absolutely free

    ✔ Ideal if you want to begin to explore the meditation practice

    ✔ Ideal if you want to start practising self-love

    ✔ You can have three meditation audio at hand, downloaded in your phone

    ✔ You can listen them at any time and everywhere you want